Top 10 Payment Security Solution Companies - 2018

Cybera- Securely Safeguarding Payments: The Evolution of Compliance and the Digital Wallet

Andrew Lev, CEO, CyberaAndrew Lev, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing our way of life, and transactional payments are at the forefront of this transformation. Today, mobile payment initiatives like Apple Pay and Google Pay seek to address the needs of the on-the-go consumer. More than 62 percent of the U.S. population own and use a mobile device, so it’s a natural fit for that device to drive evolution within the payment transaction flow.

Merging the traditional transaction process with a mobile device means that businesses must integrate their network with cloud-based systems to provide modern payment services. Historically, the vast majority of payments for distributed enterprise businesses were managed by a standard terminal-based payment system, where communication was straightforward—the card is swiped, or the chip is inserted after which a local terminal responds to the payment, with just a "Yes" or "No" response from the payment processor.

“Now the communication flow is much more complex; the remote system has no idea that a payment is coming. The cloud receives the communication first and must tell the POS and in-store systems that it is authorizing a payment,” explains Cliff Duffey, Founder, Director, and President at Cybera.

This process may sound simple, but it is a substantial change. To allow the outside world to securely reach in and communicate with a brick-and-mortar store fundamentally changes the network and security business needs for distributed businesses like retail, QSR, fast casual, petrol, healthcare, and financial services. This is the problem that Tennessee-based Cybera has chosen to solve with its turn-key network and security solutions.

Cybera secures payment traffic and payment systems by running them in micro-segments so business-critical applications, like payment, have a dedicated network and system. “The now-infamous Target breach that happened in 2014 occurred because the HVAC systems shared a common network with the POS and payment systems. Hackers targeted the HVAC systems and through that open door, they were able to compromise the security of the entire network, and access customer data,” says Duffey.
Cybera’s network services platform works on the same fundamental technology as an SD-WAN. However, it has integrated firewall and intrusion prevention systems at all points. This microsegmentation delivers security that protects Cybera customers’ payment systems even when payment is connected to other systems, like HVAC, or digital signage displays in the store. The Cybera platform also incorporates a tight layer of intrusion IDP, which is present at the cloud level. Under the covers, Cybera incorporates an entire suite of threat management initiatives—such as persistent threats to any virus or malware—that could affect the systems on the payment network. The solution also runs intrusion detection and prevention on the cloud-level connections.

The reason Cybera stands out as a Top 10 Payment Security Solution Provider for 2018 is because it has found a way to deliver the mobility and security that distributed enterprise businesses need, to evolve the payment process and meet modern consumer needs.

With more than 90,000 deployments, Cybera delivers a comprehensive WAN and security solution that covers and supports all client back-office applications for inventory, internal systems, and device management. It also powers the largest mobile payment applications in the world—not to mention the largest SD-WAN deployment in the world. More than 90 percent of Cybera’s customers are in highly-distributed enterprises such as petrol, retail, healthcare, and QSR.

For one of the six oil and gas giants, Cybera implemented a primary payment network for legacy terminal based payments, a dedicated network for mobile payments, and another dedicated network for loyalty applications.

“Cybera is an easy way to cover your bases when it comes to PCI compliance,” says Andrew Lev, CEO of Cybera. The integrated package Cybera offers is similar to a "Swiss Army knife" that covers the best-of-breed components in one all-encompassing solution designed to fit the consumption model customers want.