Top 10 Payment Security Solution Companies - 2017

PayPlaza: A Global Omnichannel Payment Gateway

Tom Pronk, Product Manager, PayPlazaTom Pronk, Product Manager
For the wheels of commerce to run smoothly, payment processing providers are pressurized to develop new technologies to simplify and enhance the user experience. Organizations that operate in several countries dealing with different partners for payment terminals, integrations, multi-language, and currencies are increasingly facing challenges and non-conformity across borders. Merchants are finding it difficult to switch over their Point-of-Sale (POS) card acceptance infrastructure upon business expansion, as compliance requirements differ for every country. It is both time-consuming and costly for them to rebuild their local partner network every time. In order to help merchants retain and grow their customer base, PayPlaza, an innovative service firm designed a payment gateway platform conforming to PCI and EMV requirements that enable retailers to integrate with any payment terminal or electronic cash registers (ECR) thereby supporting all relevant payments. By partnering with PayPlaza, merchants can eliminate the burden of building applications, which results in a lower total cost of ownership and transaction processing.

PayPlaza’s global payment processing platform helps international organizations to accept payments over a single infrastructure at POS. The company will also accept online payments and are fully omnichannel. The advanced and highly secure, PCI level 1 open platform can ideally be used to process both financial and nonfinancial transactions easily and quickly. “Our omnichannel experience gives merchants an opportunity to migrate away from their multi-vendor strategies and implement an integrated, end-to-end platform for all their payment processing requirements, therefore, saving costs,” elucidates Tom Pronk, Product Manager of PayPlaza. With their thin client terminal and cloud platform architecture, the firm’s platform operates on a central payment system (PMS) that handles connections from all types of ECRs and payment terminals, while securing every transaction.

Connectivity, speed, and security plays an important role in defining our solutions; from the front end interface to the final processing of the transaction

PayPlaza’s solutions being PCI compliant, enables merchants to utilize any payment terminal without changing the payment acceptance infrastructure for any language or currency through one integrated international solution for all countries. “We can adapt to any compliance regulation as we use the client-server based architecture,” adds Pronk. The platform supports all parties—from retailers and telecom companies to PSPs, acquirers, system integrators and terminal vendors—and works together with existing and new suppliers of payment services. “Connectivity, speed, and security play an important role in defining our solutions; from the front end interface to the final processing of the transaction,” notes Pronk. Establishing a strong user base in Europe, PayPlaza is the vendor of choice for the Dutch government and the embassies to accept payments and secure their confidential data with an EMV certified single infrastructure at payment terminals.

PayPlaza’s platform also gives retailers the ability to register cash transactions and vaults, alternative payments, loyalty or any other transaction worldwide. To support omnichannel solutions, PayPlaza has developed their integrated solution for mobile payment terminals with scanners in conjunction with their highly secure international POS payment platform. This integrated solution with its wide range of mPOS terminals and Webshop plug-ins enables store operators to walk around the store, scan articles and allow products to be paid on the fly. “By combining this with POS software or webshop on an iPod or iPhone, a unique and flexible solution is available for a mobile scanECR payment terminal with omnichannel functionality,” adds Pronk. PayPlaza delivers the complete payment data to merchants, giving them a detailed report of their transactions made, with which card and how many customers often visit the store.

According to Pronk, PayPlaza is beginning to seek traction in the U.S. markets. In this technological renaissance, “We will continue to constantly innovate around the payment terminals and help retailers have control over their payment transactions,” confirms Pronk.