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Top 10 Payment Security Solution Companies - 2018

Digitization has enabled hassle-free, seamless monetary transactions. The widespread growth of e-commerce and numerous online transactions have also brought in with the increased number of frauds and credit security concerns. From a broader perspective, security risks are not just sustained to online transactions but they also affect offline payment modes. To eradicate the potential threats faced by companies during payment transactions, numerous technologies are being leveraged. There is an increasing adoption of general-purpose tokenization, EMV technology, and encryption to keep credit card and online payment transactions safe from hackers and other miscreants.

With all this, payment security solution providers are under immense pressure. Stakeholders are on the lookout for efficient payment security solution companies who can provide enticing and turnkey service offerings. The advanced security inventions have brought to the fore tokenization and end-to-end encryption. Besides, new debit and credit cards can now leverage cryptography and 3D secure to improve payment security. These measures brought forth eradicate fraudulent activities, thereby, improving and enhancing payment security for companies. Nascent biometric payment technology- DNA verification, iris scans, and voice recognition have ceased to be mere catchphrases and are making way into the payment security space.     

Like any other arena, payment security is inundated with myriad solution providers and as a result, zeroing in on the apt one remains an uphill task for a CIO. To tread on the right path, Enterprise Security Magazine has become the beacon in the payment security landscape. The distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Enterprise Security Magazine narrowed the final 10 providers that exhibit competence in delivering payment security solutions.

Here presents the Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Payment Security Solution Providers – 2018.”

    Top Payment Security Solution Companies

  • Comforte AG is a leading provider of data-centric security technology that is delivering payment and data security solutions to financial organizations through tokenization and innovative business strategies. The payment service solution provider protects the valuable data of the companies, minimizes risks, and meets compliance and regulatory needs. The company aids organizations to secure healthcare records, insurance records, millions of payment transactions, and other sensitive data in business-critical environments. Comforte enables companies to unlock the full potential of nonstop systems by modernizing it and ensuring security, connectivity, and performance.

  • Cybera is changing the ways technology is used in distributed businesses. The Cybera network services platform allows companies with distant business locations to install, secure, and optimize new cloud-based services and applications. The networking costs reduce drastically as the platform bids software-defined networking principles to modernize the Wide Area Network (WAN) into a unique form of SD-WAN optimizing application performance and enhancing brand protection. Cybera delivers an affordable and simple way for companies to securely connect multi-location businesses while meeting regulatory and compliance necessities.

  • One, Inc. provides a single platform for processing premiums and claims payments that are designed to integrate with insurance core systems. To reduce the security risks and minimize the payment processing costs. The company has created a digital payment platform for insurance companies to maximize retention of the new generation of the policyholders. By delivering fast and secure digital claim through payees’ preferred methods and channels, the digital claim payment solution of this payment security solution company reduces costs and risks and increases retention. The platform reduces the risk exposure of the consumers by removing all sensitive payment instrument data from their network.

  • Bluefin Payment Systems

    Bluefin Payment Systems

    Bluefin is a leading provider of payments security solutions which offers a security platform supporting payment gateways, processors, and independent software vendors. It gives the primary platform which supports payment gateways, processors and ISV’s in various countries. Bluefin’s secure payment platform is designed to supplement EMV and tokenization and provide a solid security defense against current and future data breaches. The company provides point of sales solutions for call center, mobile, retail, and secures e-commerce technologies. Headquartered in Atlanta with offices in various countries across the globe, Bluefin is a participating organization of the PCI security standards council.

  • Due


    Due is one of the foremost providers of payments security solutions that enables easy to accept payments, create professional looking invoices, capture expenses and effortlessly tracks time. It makes online payments simple by providing a platform for people to pay and get paid quickly. Due’s online invoicing platform is designed to help freelancers, small business owners and companies to get paid faster and increase their cash flow. The company offers a variety of payment options such as eChecks and eCash payments, domestic and international credit card process, and digital wallet to store payment information and funds.

  • Ingenico group

    Ingenico group

    Ingenico Group has been a global leader in the seamless payment industry for more than 30 years. The company’s mart, trustworthy, and secure solutions enable businesses to deploy their solutions across all channels, in-store, online, and mobile. Today, traders can accept every payment method with their goods and services, from credit cards to alternative methods of payment whether they are in the store, online or by mobile phone. Due to their agnostic nature, their universal network is open to all traders, financial institutions or innovative players, paving the way for new and enhanced consumer experiences. Today, Ingenico is geographically unrivaled, with an extensive global network of financial institutions and methods of payment.

  • OpenEdge Payments

    OpenEdge Payments

    OpenEdge supports its client companies through safe and individual payment solutions. The OpenEdge integrated payment division leads in the field of software development–to adapt, scale and simplify the processing of payments. The payment security solution provider serves more than 2,000 technology partners across 60 vertical industry sectors throughout the U.S. and Canada. OpenEdge supports business management software companies in strengthening their competitive position with this visionary payment processing platform by providing payment-based services, strengthening customer loyalty with unique software features, and improving profitability. EdgeExpress offers reduced development cycles as one of the simplest payment integration processes on the market using a common API. This means that the software solutions are delivered quicker to businesses and that various software environments are allowed to be flexible. Developers will also retain control over the flow and experience of payments.

  • Paya


    Paya offers simple and safe technology options that allow companies to accept payments, be paid more quickly, and improve efficiency. The seamless payments platform of the company offers the most user-friendly technology to sustain every stage of business growth. Paya offers adaptive solutions and technical expertise, with over 100,000 customers and two decades of payment processing, and aims to lead partners and customers to achieve results. The payment platform of Paya is an extension of the business system of a merchant. It accepts transactions securely, with all options available everywhere, anytime, and allows the dealers to choose what is right for them. Paya Connect offers seamless integration into powerful solutions adapted to changing business needs. Regardless of the industry, the company enables developers a simple way to provide their customers with valuable experiences and payment options.

  • Sekur


    Sekur is a premier provider of payments security services that ensure site compliance to standards, generate automatic reports, follow full actions and get real-time activity trap information, pilot smart calendar and guarantee full traceability of control units and actions. It is a free beta program that eliminates passwords, enables finger-print login, and supports Redhat, Centos, Ubuntu, and Debian. The company offers a free beta program that is a multifactor authentication system which is easy to use with 100 percent accuracy that instantly stops data breaches from compromised logins. It eliminates passwords for SSH, SCP, and SFTP logins and works on both iPhone and Android devices.

  • Stanchion Payment

    Stanchion Payment

    Since 2001, Stanchion has been providing its payment solutions to retail payment environments, banks, and credit unions worldwide. Stanchion not only offers customers the foresight to implement and manage new and existing payment systems but to predict the next step. It provides companies the necessary technology, expertise, and support to ensure high performance, availability, and total integrity of their systems. Stanchion combines knowledge, expertise, and technology to provide consistently high-performance and integrity systems in complex payment environments. Furthermore, all of its clients have access to 24/7 supports in all territories.